Business and Industry


A-dec (Austin Dental Equipment Co.)
AJ Model Airplanes & Jim Walker
Albany streetcar system
Allann Bros Coffee
Arlington Club
Astoria and Columbia River Railroad
Astoria streetcar system
Baker City streetcar system
Basque boardinghouses in Oregon
Binfords and Mort
Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Book Publishing
Bracero Program
Carson Helicopters
C.A. Smith Lumber Company
Chinook Jargon (Chinuk Wawa)
Clackamas Hydroelectric Project
Collier Logging Museum and State Park
Columbia River Fisherman's Protective Union
Columbia River Packers Association
Columbia River Treaty (1964)
Corvallis and Eastern Railroad
Corvallis streetcar system
Country Coach
Cranberry Industry
Crooked River Project
Crown/Centennial Mills
Dark Horse Comics
Davidson Baking Company (Sunbeam Bakery)
Dutch Bros. Coffee Company
Entek International
Erickson Air-Crane
Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB)
Evans Products Company
Flax and Linen Industry of Oregon
Harry & David/Bear Creek Orchards
Hood River Distillers
Housing Authority of Portland
Hudson's Bay Company
Hull-Oakes Lumber Company and mill
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Jazz de Opus
Kaiser Permanente in Oregon
Kaiser Shipyards
Kam Wah Chung and Co.
Klamath Falls streetcar system
Ladd Estate Company
Lithia Motors
Lord & Schryver Landscape Architects
Monaco Motor Coach
Montgomery Ward/Park Building
Myrtlewood Industry
Oregon-American Lumber Company
Oregon and the Film Industry
Oregon Electric Railway
Oregon Industrial Welfare Commission
Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech)
Oregon Iron & Steel Company
Oregon Steam Navigation Company
Oregon Zoo
Pendleton Woolen Mills
Portland International Airport
Portland Professional Wrestling
Portland Public Market
Portland Railway Light and Power
Port of Hood River
Port of Portland
Port of Toledo
Rast Brewery
Raven Maps
Roseburg Forest Products
Seufert Brothers Cannery
Shari’s Café & Pies
Springfield Creamery
Tektronix Inc
Trojan Nuclear Power Plant
Troutdale Aluminum Plant
Tucker Sno-Cat®
Union Fishermen's Cooperative Packing Company
United Bicycle Institute
Urban Growth Boundary
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Voodoo Doughnut
Walla Walla Valley Railway
Walterville Canal & Powerhouse
Western Shore (a.k.a. Oregon Clipper)
West Linn streetcar system
Whidden and Lewis, architects
White Stag Manufacturing
Willamette Cattle Company
Willamette Industries
X-Ray Cafe







Leo Adler (1895-1993)
Paul Allen (1953-)
John Jacob Astor (1763-1848)
Thomas J. Autzen (1888-1958)
Shinzaburo Ban (1854-1926)
James Beard (1903-1985)
Simon Benson (1851-1942)
Norman Best (1906-1995)
John C. Boyle (1887-1979)
Asahel Bush (1824-1913)
John F. Carroll (1858-1917)
Concomly (1765?-1830?)
Henry W. Corbett (1827-1903)
Guy Cordon (1890-1969)
Will Daly (1869-1924)
Henry Failing (1834-1898)
Josiah Failing, (1806-1877)
Russel Farnham (1785-1832)
George Flavel (1823[?]-1893)
Irvin Henry Fletcher (1932-)
Hallie Brown Ford (1905-2007)
Joseph T. (Ted) Francis (1900-1999)
John William "Pete" French (1849-1897)
Joseph Gale (1807-1881)
Alfred Carlton Gilbert (1884-1961)
Caroline Gleason (1886-1962)
Robert Gray (1755-1806)
Woody Guthrie and the Columbia River
Andrew B. Hammond (1848-1934)
DeVere (1902-1981) and Helen (1907-1989) Helfrich
Francis J. Heney (1859-1937)
Greg Higgins (1958-)
William A. Hilliard (1927-2017)
James J. Hill (1838-1916)
George Himes (1844-1940)
Hines and the Edward Hines Lumber Company
Fern Hobbs (1883-1964)
Robert Deniston Hume (1845-1908)
Wilson Price Hunt (1783-1842)
Glenn Jackson (1902-1980)
Ira Keller (1899-1978)
Peter Kerr (1861-1957)
Richard L. Kohnstamm (1926-2006)
William S. Ladd (1826-1893)
Fred Lockley (1871-1958)
Reub Long (1898-1974)
Lung On (1863-1940)
Joseph L. Meek (1810-1875)
David T. Mason (1883-1973)
John McLoughlin (1784-1857)
John Minto (1822-1915)
Thomas Leander Moorhouse (1850-1926)
Katherine Sterrett Munra (Grandma Munra) (1830-1923)
Paul C. Murphy (1876-1957)
William Sumio Naito (1925-1996)
Peter Skene Ogden (1790-1854)
Lafayette Pence (1857-1923)
Walter Perry (1873-1959)
Francis Pettygrove (1812-1887)
Henry Lewis Pittock (1836-1919)
Stephen Puter (1857-?)
Alfred Qualman (1904-1993)
Samuel Rothchild (1843-1930)
Julia Ruuttila (1907-1991)
Les Schwab (1917 - 2007)
Ben Selling (1852-1931)
Jesse Settlemier (1840-1913)
John Shively (1804-1893)
Louis J. Simpson (1877-1949)
William B. Smullin (1907-1995)
Thomas W. Sullivan (1863-1940)
William Green T'Vault (1806-1869)
Mary Cachot Therkelson (ca. 1844-1937)
David Thompson (1770-1857)
Robert L. Thompson and TVA Architects
Elbridge Trask (1815-1863)
Millie R. Trumbull (1866-1940)
Henry Villard (1835-1900)
James W. Virtue (1837-1903)
Leonard Wallulis (1902-1977)
C. B. Watson (1849-1930)
Joseph Watt (1817 - 1890)
E. Henry Wemme (1861-1914)
Richard L. Wendt (1931-2010)
Victor Charles West (1921-2002)
Byron A. White (1893 - 1963)
C.E.S. Wood (1852-1944)